Spreadsheets 2.0 for the public sector

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All that you wished spreadsheets were

Anywhere, anytime online team access

Always get a real-time, live view of data

Automate manual tasks & notifications

Capture data directly through web forms


GovSheets is the new way to capture, manage & share public sector data.

1.One click live publishing of data for internal and public stakeholders

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2.Streamline requests and data collection through custom internal and public forms

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3.Automate notifications and data entry

4.Allow distributed teams to work together on the same data in realtime

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5.Give external stakeholders login based access to data

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Top notch security for sensitive public sector data

In addition to granular controls over who sees what, multi layered permissions and more at the application level, we meet the most stringent security protocols in the market.


Over 20 years in business

Flawless security track record

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GovSheets is an end to end no-code workflow automation and data management platform. You can easily automate almost any process within minutes!

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